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Welcome to JWA, the home of E learning courses about MONEY, INVESTING and PERSONAL FINANCE,

for teens and young adults around the world !

Are you young and feeling unsure of your financial future?

Did you learn money skills and how to build wealth at school or home?

Do you want to know how some people seem to have everything they want in life and also seem to always have money whenever they want?

Do you know that this is done through a formula and set of skills and habits to get there?

Did you know that if you start out on your wealth journey when you are young, that

you can also live the life you have been dreaming of ?

Are you confused with all the information on money out there and

which strategies really work or not?

Do you wish there was a place that could teach you all the money skills

that the rich and wealthy use and is easy to apply yourself ?


Don't worry that is why we are here to help you!


Whether you want to be a millionaire or just want financial security, the aim of JWA and our courses is to help you take control of your future.


Money is a means to be able to live life the way you that you want and we want to give you the skills to start on your journey.

We believe money skills should be taught in the same way as basic hygiene when you are growing up.  It should be as regular and natural as brushing your teeth!


Knowing about budgeting, investing and how to use debt, should be as important as making your bed, showering and doing the dishes.


We provide a flagship series of courses that will give you everything you need to start on your wealth journey. Also on this website we bring you the best of curated videos, articles, podcasts and original training to guide you as a young adult or teenager to a life of financial stability and freedom!

These 3 courses lay out the key principles and strategies in a very easy to understand and digest way that will arm you with the right skills you need to set your life on the right path. Usually this information would be scattered through, books, seminars, Youtube, Social Media, podcasts, mentoring and hard life experience but we have it all in one place and laid out in 3 concise courses

These courses cut through all the financial jargon and focus exactly on what you need. They are fun and entertaining, like a Netflix episode and explain hard to grasp financial concepts, in an easy way for you to understand and learn. 

Some of the things you will learn with over  the 3 courses are:


 How the Money game works, what is financial freedom,

debt, leverage, investing, which investments are good, the power of compounding, taxes, assets vs liabilities, real estate, millionaire maths, the secret wealth formula for the rich, active vs passive income, the wealth mindset, how to set money goals and the best strategies to live a free and financially secure life.

These 3 courses are broken up into:

 "The Fundamentals of Wealth" ( 8 week course )

 " The Wealth Mindset " ( 4 week course )

"Your money plan in 30 days" (4 week course)

If you want a small taster, then you can try our FREE mini course



Once you complete these courses you will have a complete picture and action plan that you can follow for life, to get to your desired level of wealth.

In the first fundamentals of wealth course you will have control of your finances and be much more confident in all areas of money like budgeting, investing , taxes , compounding and using debt to become wealthy


In the mindset course you will learn how the rich and wealthy think, how to apply  this for your own life, how to set and implement goals, the habits you need to follow to achieve this.

In the third course you will walk away with a financial action plan to follow that combines the practical money skills from course one and the wealth mindset skills from course two


By the time you finish all 3 courses you will feel confident about your future, be in on top of your life and be in charge of your life.

You will not have to stress about not having money to pay the rent, how you will ever be able to afford a holiday or buy a house.

You will clear up any confusion on whether you should start a business , climb the corporate ladder and what to invest in.

You will feel much more certain about your path to a financially stable life !

You would feel more secure and confident in life if you knew how to handle money wouldn't you?

You would feel empowered and free if you knew that you could go anywhere and do what you wanted with your money?

You would feel happy if you knew you had a lot of money and investments that pay for your lifestyle wouldn't you?

As part of the course launch new enrolled students will go into the prize draw of winning one of our NFTs from the initial series of



We believe incorporating daily, weekly & yearly money skills and habits into your life is what will move you towards your financial dreams and goals.

This is not a get rich quick course, as true wealth building takes time and is for life. The wealth journey is a marathon, not a sprint and it takes time building up real skills but you keep them for life.


J Wealth Academy will teach you the secret strategies and formulas that the wealthy follow, to build their wealth and get everything they want from their lives.


We believe that money skills and knowledge should be a necessity, not a luxury for everyone. These skills should be learnt by everyone, in an easy, fun and entertaining way. 


You should have the knowledge to decide where you fit into society and what you want and not let society decide for you. 


Welcome to the world of JWA !





Our curated list of favourite videos, articles and podcasts from the web and our JWA BLOG about all things wealth....
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